Client Solutions
How Your Clients Benefit
The simple truth is, it's all about the relationship.

Client Solutions

We do business the way you do business.

Your clients look to you for solutions. Similarly, you look to your marketing organization for ideas, research, strategies, case design and marketing materials.

You provide your clients with alternatives that offer real benefits. And you want that same level of focus and functionality from your marketing organization.

At American Financial, we strive to deliver for you as you do for your clients.

Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of great insights simply by listening to the Financial Professionals we talk to every day. Much of what we have learned we will share with you, so you can use it to benefit your clients.

We’ve learned that all retirement income is not created equal. A portion of it, which we refer to as “foundational income,” is critically important to clients who wish to maintain their current lifestyle through years (decades, actually) of retirement.

We’ve discovered the traditional approach to life expectancy is outdated. Relying on it to create income strategies can result in clients outliving their resources. So we’ve taken a fresh look at living and the LifePoints that occur throughout retirement.

We have also been told over and over about the need for creative, professional case design. We realize it is a necessity for servicing current clients and attracting new ones. So we made case design one of our specialties.

Here is a closer look at the ways American Financial delivers client solutions you can use to build your practice.