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Life doesn’t end at age 88

For a 60-year-old male client, age 88 is the 50/50 point (note... age 90 is the 50/50 point for your female clients). Half of all 60-year-old male clients will die by then, which means the other half will keep right on living. So if you are crafting retirement strategies that only provide your clients with income until age 88 or 90, you may want to learn about our LifePoints presentation.

LifePoints can help you go beyond “cookie cutter” solutions, to strategies based on each client’s personal retirement time horizon. That horizon is based on their individual age(s) and when they choose to retire.

Since each client is different, identifying and planning for their LifePoints gives you an opportunity to have a uniquely personal conversation about what may lie ahead for each of them.  

LifePoints is a customizable, dynamic presentation that allows you to show your clients their personal retirement time horizon based on their personal situation. It provides you with a great first step to a comfortable, candid conversation about their retirement goals and income requirements.

Don’t just talk about life expectancy in general terms like everyone else. Use LifePoints to reach your clients in a very personal and meaningful way, one that sets you apart from the competition. We’ll be happy to walk you through our LifePoints presentation, and show you how you can customize it in just seconds.


Source: Life expectancies are based upon 2012 IAM Mortality Table.