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Meet Our Team

The Annuity Product Team: Developing retirement income planning strategies is a demanding, multi-faceted discipline – requiring knowledge in many areas to be thorough and effective. The income planning strategies chapter of a retirement plan is extremely important, and shouldn’t be left to novices. The good news is our Income Professionals are just a phone call away!

The Annuity Support Team: Our team of support personnel is deep and experienced. Again, like others at American Financial, these individuals come with experience and commitment that is uncommon to say the least… they are the heart and soul of the firm!

The Life and Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) Team: This group works with a veritable arsenal of carriers. The Life Team specializes in fixed index universal life insurance as well as premium finance transactions. Our LTCi team members stand ready to help in placing any and all LTCi apps.

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