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Darren Tutt
The simple truth is, it's all about the relationship.

Darren Tutt

darren-Tutt.jpgAnnuity Sales Consultant

Darren has been assisting insurance agents, registered representatives, investment advisor representatives, and financial advisors with fixed annuities since starting at the Broker’s Edge in 1998.


His start in the business coincided with the introduction of fixed index annuities, and there was a need and demand for people that could speak to this new style of insurance product.


Having made the decision early on to focus on registered representatives, investment advisor representatives, and financial advisors, he has spent most of the last 15 years providing education around the country through continuing education classes, conferences and face to face meetings.


In 2005, he would go on to co-found Renaissance Annuity Group, helping direct marketing initiatives. It was at Renaissance that he and his two partners shifted their discussion with producers from “fixed index annuities as an alternative” to “using fixed and fixed index annuities within retirement income planning”.


Since then Renaissance joined forces with American Financial where he continues to serve as a retirement income planning resource to financial professionals, assisting with case design and addressing specific client needs.


Darren and his wife Stephanie live just outside the Twin Cities with their twin boys (Tyler and Emerson), and two Yorkshire Terriers (Gandalf and Daisy). Darren enjoys biking and is an avid music fan with an addiction to vinyl records.