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Joe Saffrin
The simple truth is, it's all about the relationship.

Joe Saffrin

_Place-holder-image.jpgAnnuity Sales Consultant


Joe came to American Financial in 2012 after working as a Sales Rep for a successful manufacturer’s representative. A former Tommie, Joe graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in business.  Growing up, Joe’s father was not only a great role model but also a great mentor by having over 30 years of financial professional experience.  This was also one of the strongest drivers for Joe to come into this business. 


Joe currently holds his insurance license and is working on his Certified Financial Professional® (CFP) designation.  He enjoys focusing on helping financial professionals find retirement income solutions for their clients, and is passionate about discovering appropriate solutions for his client’s needs. 


When Joe is out of the office you can find him at his family’s lake cabin, fishing or perfecting his golf game.  When most people are hiding inside from the Minnesota winters, Joe embraces the cold and finds enjoyment in skiing or snowmobiling.  His favorite sports are baseball and football.