Real Choice™
The simple truth is, it's all about the relationship.

Real Choice™

The name says it all: Real Choice.

Like you, we realize a successful business cannot survive and grow without continual investment. And when it comes to offering our top producers a quality rewards program, we are happy to make that investment.

With our Real Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program, the more you produce, the more you receive. It’s that simple.

Your points continue to build as you build your business. And with all of the support, tools and training you’ll receive from American Financial, don’t be surprised if your business does a lot of growing in the years ahead.

Call us for more information about compensation and rewards available from American Financial, including our Real Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program. 

New York production is not eligible for this program. Registered Representative participation is subject to broker/dealer approval.

Allianz PreferredSM production may not be included in all incentive programs. Exclusions may apply; see complete business rules for details.